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Mensor’s calibration grade stainless steel element transducers have RS-232 or RS-485 digital outputs and are compatible with gas or liquid media.
Differential, Gauge, and Absolute transducers are available.

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  Paroscientific quartz resonance pressure transducers have world-leading resolution, accuracy, and long term stability specifications.
Both intelligent RS-232/RS-485 and frequency output models are available in either Absolute or Differential versions.

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Keller manufactures several dozen models of pressure transducers with pressure ranges from 0.3 psi to 15,000 psi. Accuracies range from 1% FS to 0.01% FS are available.
Keller’s flexible manufacturing process allows for custom specification of wetted material, pressure connection, and range setting.
Outputs are RS-485 or analogue signal loop.

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  Technel is a leading Canadian distributor for Honeywell Sensing and Control.
With pressure ranges from 1″ of water full scale to 8000 psi Honeywell’s analogue-output pressure transducers are generally accurate to 0.25% FS.